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Police Services in Warangal

Police stations play a very important role in maintaining law and order in any city. Whenever the need arise, people go to the police station for different purposes. Sometimes they visit the same for the validity of their identity and many times the reason of the visit to the police station is related to the crime of many types. There are many police stations located in the city and rural area of Warangal district. It is important to have knowledge of the police stations - their location and phone numbers so that you can call them in times of need.

Police Stations in Warangal

List of Police Stations in Warangal

Police Station
Svp Road, Warangal Ho, Warangal - 506002

Superintendent of Police (Per)
Police Hqs, Hanamkonda, Warangal - 506001

Police Control Room
Police Control Room, Hanamkonda, Hanamkonda, Hanamkonda, Warangal - 506001

Police Station
Kazipet, Warangal - 506003

Police Station
15-4-27, Warangal Ho, Warangal - 506002

Police Station
Palakurthy, Warangal - 506252

Police Station
Police Station Parkal, Parkal, Warangal - 506164

Police Station Jangaon
Police Station Jangaon, Jalapalli, Warangal - 506367

Police Station Ghanpur
Police Station Ghanpur(M), Ghanpur (Mulug), Warangal - 506345

Circle Inspector Of Police
505 Naimnagar, Royal Enclave Flat No.505,
Naimnagar, Hanamkonda, Warangal - 506001

Police Station
Near Collector Office, Subedari, Warangal - 506001

Police Station
Police Station Kazipet, Kazipet, Kazipet, Kazipet, Warangal - 506003

Police Station Kuc
Police Station Kuc, Warangal Ho, Warangal - 506002

Police Station
Police Station Dharmasagar, Dharmasagar, Warangal - 506142

Police Station
Police Station Chityal, Chityal, Warangal - 506318

Police Station Inthesarganj
Police Station Inthesarganj, Warangal, Warangal - 506002

Police Station
Police Station Bachannapet, Bachannapet, Warangal - 506221

Police Station Geesugonda
Police Station Geesugonda, Geesukonda, Warangal - 506330

Police Station MAH'bad (R)
Police Station Mah`bad(R), Madanthurthi, Warangal - 506368

Osd,Warangal, Warangal, Warangal - 506002

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  • K
    Krishna from Kazipet 719 Days ago

    Sir iam teacher working in social welfare school iam well known to Praveen sir ips social welfare secretary iam in need of your help

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  • V
    Veerabhadraswamy koyyada from Warangal 879 Days ago

    Sir my name is Veerabhadraswamy iam central police constable cisf my problem was my wife she has medical ground cruel mind I have no children five year completed married but she want demand for ten lack Rupee's iam treatment continued but treatment failure last she want money, gold ,property. She is family members bad character harassment for husband tactics warning for food mix poison total my family members two year back my father death she is coming home started problem be side person helpful support my wife I have two core Rupee's you have monthly payment person I have full strength you one and only person ladies side law support 498a dowry case registered warning I have money you have no money I have a three brother four sister you have no family background panchayath person also my side you father death you have no balance family members sir two three time police station going but not salved my problem kindly request sir helf him

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  • V
    Venkateshwar Rao A from Reddy COLONY Hanumakonda 1094 Days ago

    On 18th April 2018 , at 8.30 /9am two unknown persons have come started observing few houses and residents of road number 3 and other service roads suspiciously. They also knocked some gates and doors of some houses for want of water at 8am though they can get from kirana shops.They were looked suspicious.Pl keep a watch on them.

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  • Y
    Y KIRAN BABU from Karimnagar 1460 Days ago

    Dear Sir, I lost my purse having 3 ATM cards, one credit card, driving license, PAN card,SCOOTY RC and cash of Rs 45000/ in an auto from hanamkonda to warangal bus station at around 10pm on Friday(21.04.2017). You are requested to inform me @7801090812 if you found my above belongings.

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